Mathieu Goutelle
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2002-2003  École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Master of Science in Computer Science (« Network, Systems & Hardware design »).
1999-2002  École Centrale de Lyon. Master of Engineering (3rd year option: Computer Science).


Jan. 2008
IT Project Manager for a bank/insurance company.
2006 (Apr.) -
2007 (Dec.)
Activity manager of the "Networking Support" SA2 activity within the European EGEE-II project (IST n°2005-031688), for the Unité RÉseaux du CNRS (UREC).
The SA2 activity is now in charge of the networking support for the whole project. This means essentialy the operational user support, the monitoring of the networks involved in the infrastructure, the operational information exchanges with all the network providers and the installation of SLAs to use advanced network services. The activity plays also a coordinating role for all the network related actions within the project (middleware adaptation to IPv6, collaboration with providers and other projects, etc.).
» Second level support for network related issues. » Supervision of a dedicated optical network and problem reporting to the involved providers. » Creation and management policies of SLAs. » Collaboration with Network Operation Centres to leverage the normalisation of trouble tickets formats (to ease information exchange). » Operational database to model the inter-connection of the nodes of the infrastructure (troubleshooting, preliminary work before SLA creation).
2004 (May) -
2006 (Mar.)
Network engineer for the Unité RÉseaux du CNRS (UREC) within the European EGEE project (IST n°2003-508833), "Network Resource Provision" SA2 activity.
The EGEE grid will use the European research networks to connect all the entities who are involved in the project (computing elements, storage elements, middleware, applications, end-users...). The purpose of the SA2 activity is to ensure that EGEE has access to appropriate networking services provided by GÉANT and NREN networks.
» SLA institution through the gathering of the applications requirements and the definition of service classes. » SLA management policies. » Operational interface between the grid middleware and the internal ticketing system of network providers in order to detect and troubleshoot network incidents.
2003 (Oct.) -
2004 (May)
Computer Science PhD in the LIP laboratory (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon). Polymorphic protocol for high performance transport for heterogeneous streams in a computer grid.
2003 (Feb. - Jul.) Master of Science Internship in the INRIA/RESO team of the LIP laboratory (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon). Elaboration of a non intrusive capacity estimation method able to locate the bottleneck router. European project DataTAG (IST n°2001-32459).
» Monitoring and evaluation mechanism of network performances. » Prototype implementation in Linux (packet capture in the kernel).
2002 (Oct.) -
2003 (Oct.)
Network engineer in the INRIA/RESO team of the LIP laboratory (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon). Definition and experimental implementation of alternatives Differentiated Services models and evaluation of transport protocol based or not upon TCP in the context of a high-performance transcontinental computer grid. European project DataTAG (IST n°2001-32459).
» Very good knowledge of transport protocol (TCP) and service differentiation mechanisms (IntServ, DiffServ). » Internal mechanisms in Operating Systems (especially Linux) for packet emissions and receptions (participation to the writing of a technical report about the implementation in Linux). » Experimentation in GÉANT for evaluating the existing and some new Quality of Service (QBSS) mechanisms.
2002 (Apr. - Aug.) Final internship in the INRIA/RESO team of the LIP laboratory (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon). Optimization and adaptation of a TCP/IP stack for service differentiation and high-performance data transport. European project DataTAG (IST n°2001-32459).
» IP and Ethernet protocols (Gigabit Ethernet in particular). » Implementation of a packet scheduler in the Linux kernel.

Miscellaneous informations

Langues : French, mother tongue
English, good (TOEFL: 610)
German, memories
Computer Science : Windows/DOS, UNIX/Linux ; Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint ; HTML, ASP (VBScript), PHP and MySQL, JavaScript (knowledeges) ; LaTeX (text processor) ; C/C++, Java, Python, shell script.
Hobbies : Rock climbing, MTB, trekking ; restauration of old cars (Citroën 2CV).